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"I told Erin what I wanted for my first haircut, and never had to tell her again. I've always been more than happy and been a faithful client for 10 + years.

She also introduced me to my wife!" (another client of hers).


"Erin makes me and my sister feel like Princesses.  We love going to see her because she makes us look and feel pretty. We like the colors she puts in our hair and the braids."

Rose & Eme

"I have been going to Aura Lounge for almost 10 years now and Erin never disappoints! She is by far the best hairstylist ever. Her technique is on point and she keeps herself engaged with current trends."


"I have been to various hairstylists since moving to the city and no one has been more accommodating with appointment times, and I always leave with just what I asked for."


"I have known Erin for about 7 years and she is so much more than my hairstylist. She has done my eyelashes, makeup for special occasions, and even microbladed my eyebrows, which I was hesitant to do, but once she did them, I fell in love!

Over the years, we have moved past the client hairstylist relationship, we are friends."


"Erin is absolutely amazing as what she does! She is funny, kind and always listens to her clients. Her hair services are phenomenal; I always look and feel like a million $$.

I have never had as positive an experience with any of her services."


"What would I do without Erin?

I have been seeing her for 13 + years and I'd be lost without her!!

She is so skilled, a true artiste and a great friend.

Thanks Erin, for bringing my sexy back when I lose it."


I love when Erin puts colours in my hair.

It makes me feel fun."




Erin can do everything!

She even colored my hair with leopard spots once.

You can see some of them in this picture."


"Erin is Fantastic! She has been styling my hair for over 15 years. She is an excellent hairdresser; very professional, trustworthy and reliable, and always gives you the end result you want."


"I've been been seeing Erin for almost 20 years. She is amazing with her highlights and lowlights. She has fixed peoples hair from other salons and has a creative flare that allows her to execute the latest trends. Extensions, Eyebrows, waxing, lashes - she can do it, she has done it on me!

I have referred her to so many friends."


"I've been seeing Erin for 20 + years.

She always knows just what I want. Erin is also now a great friend to me and my family. She has so many talents I can't name them all! Most of all, I love and respect her. She has become my other daughter as we are always there for each other. She is the best and most trustworthy person I know."


"shealwaysmakesmelookgreat,thanksto Mell"


"I have been going to Erin for about 6 years now and I love that that I always get a great colour and cut for a fantastic price, in a very reasonable time."


"Erin has been our family hairdresser for over 10 years but  has been mine for over 15 years. We LOVE going to see her! When we leave her place we always feel so fresh and pretty. We recommend Erin for every person and every hair type."


"Erin is friendly and outgoing. She demonstrates exceptional skill and expertise in every facet of hairstyling and cosmetology; she listens to my needs and provides me with the style and services I request - professionally and efficiently."

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