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Hair Extensions & Tinsel

Hair extensions are a fast, wonderful way of providing instant length, fullness, and shine to your own hair.

The first thing you must consider before delving into extensions is if your hair is healthy enough to be able to support hair extensions,

and what type are best for you?

Before confusing yourself by comparing all of the Hair Extension systems that are on the market, I will make it easy for you.

Hair Extensions can generally can be classified in two categories,

by Hair Type and their Method of Attachment.

Hair Types

Human Hair or Synthetic Hair

Remy hair is considered the best quality human hair available since the cuticle is aligned and flowing in the same direction.

Other non-Remy human hair types are processed with silicon and the cuticle is removed. This treated hair has tendency of tangling, drying out, matting, and oxidizing much quicker. With non-Remy hair, you will never achieve the natural looks you get with Remy hair.

Finally there is synthetic hair. Technology is ever improving the quality of synthetic hair, but as of this day Synthetic hair still does not come close to the looks and feel of real hair. It cannot handle heat, which means no hot tools allowed and  blending of the hair is a real issue with Synthetic hair.

Many hair suppliers carry Remy hair with a variety of lengths and colours to choose from

Permanent Methods

​Methods of Attachment

Strand by Strand

( $5 to $800 - lasts up to 4 months )

Small sectional pieces of hair are attached one by one to small sections of your own hair

by using bonding (warm or cold), clamping, shrink tubing, micro tubes or nano beads.

Pros: Longest lasting method 3-6 months          Cons: Sometimes detectable and must be brushed often

Braided Weft or Skinny Weave 

( $65 to $600 - lasts 2-3 months )

Many are switching over to Skinny Weft Method because of it’s lightweight, discrete and “barely there” feel. It is safe on even very fine hair and is used to help rehabilitate hair that has experienced damage from other extension methods, or from medical conditions.


  • Fairly fast to apply.
  • The weft will stay put without worry of individual strands/links slipping.
  • The hair can be re-used/re-tied for as long as the hair is in healthy condition.


  • Maintenance is needed more often.


( $8 to $400 - lasts up to 3 months )


  • Fast installation.
  • Very flat and light weight.
  • Virtually undetectable.
  • Painless to sleep on.


  • Tape corners can peel if heavy of a conditioner is used or if washed every day.
  • Some maneuvering is necessary to wear it up without detection.

Non-permanent Methods


( $ 50 to $500 )

These are the shortest term, temporary solution in which you could use on a day to day basis, and remove them before retiring for the evening.

I have a fool proof method with my custom made pieces.

Inquire for details.


( $15 to $300)

Halo hair extensions are a one-piece hair extension that is worn in the hair like a halo.

The extension is connected by a thin, clear nylon wire that goes on top of your head almost like a headband. This nylon wire is nearly undetectable so no one will know you’re wearing extensions.

Place it on your head and pull the top part of your natural hair your natural hair over the extension hair for a blended look.

Hair Ti​nsel

I carry a wide variety of colours to choose from, including glow-in-the-dark.

Fantastic flair for parties, events, weddings, raves ... just try for yourself!

$ 5 Per Single Strand (tie in method)

$ 3 Per Strand in bundles of 3 or more (microlink method)

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