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Cosmetic Tattooing  - Micropigmentation or  Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation is a revolutionary way to feel more confident in so many ways! 

Not only is it used for glamour, but for correcting uneven features, such as lips, eyebrows and camouflaging unwanted scars or freckles or even adding freckles!

 Have you always wanted a beauty mark by your lip just like Marilyn Monroe? It can be done!

Using topical anesthetics, these procedures can be more comfortable than you think! 

Not only will permanent makeup save you time and money, it can assist those who need help in applying it - people with poor eyesight, those who have sustained an injury and find it difficult to lift their arms or simply have allergies to cosmetics.

There are many reasons to inquire about micropigmentation, if not for just for saving time and money alone.

Contact me with any questions you may have about the procedures below.

A 6-8 week touch-up is always free for assessment or correction.

Eye Brows

Microblading or Fe​athering

The appearance of fine hair strokes.


Eyebrow Enhancement

Eyebrow Shading or enlarging


Head, Arch or Tail Correction​

Fill in missing areas

$150 - $300


Thin Eyeliner

Along top, bottom of lid - or both

$250 - $300

Dramatic Eyeliner

Upper Wing


Lash Enhancement​

Along lash line only



Lip Liner​

Tattoo the edges of your lips making it easier to fill them in with daily lipstick or gloss.


Lip Blend

When lip liner is tattooed and slightly shaded toward the center.


Full Lip Shading

Full lip colour fill


Shape Correction

Most people have uneven features, some more apparent than others.

Corrective micropigmentation can usually repair this quickly.

It can also be applied to safely enhance the size of your lips by 'busting' past the lip line, making your lips appear slightly fuller.

You may choose to only correct the outline or have your full lip shaded.

$300 - $500

Scar Camouflage (inquire for a quote)

Medical / Corrective (inquire for a quote)

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