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Piercing (Parental consent is required if under the age of 18)

I use both a piercing gun and pre-packaged, sterilized, hollow needles.

Some procedures can only be done with a needle where as with some best be with a traditional piercing gun, despite what some piercers claim.

I've been doing this since 1992 - so you can't argue that experience. A million babies and children cannot be wrong and guns never cause bleed!

With a gun piercing, the sharp stud does the actual piercing, a small puncture, and the backing is placed on at the same time 

with a spring loaded setting. Fast and sweet with very little pain. Usually only suitable for earlobes on young children. Some skinny tragus' work too.

Once the earlobes become larger or thicker, there is not enough room for possible swelling of a stud piecing to heal properly, 

so a needle piercing is detrimental.

After each piercing, you will be sent home with an aftercare card with clear printed instructions

on how to properly care for you new piercing, promoting the fastest healing measures.

Remember, your piercing has been performed in a sterilized manner,

it is your responsibility to follow your aftercare instruction card

to avoid infection.

(Sorry, I do not perform genital piercings, but I can refer you to someone who does)

Gun piercings - 20 (includes stud)

Single Needle piercings - 50 (includes surgical steel jewelry)

Industrial - 80 (includes surgical steel jewelry)

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